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“Healthy Families, Produce Healthy Individuals who can build Healthy Communities.” ~ Rev. Dr. Charles Lee-Johnson

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Family Wellness

National Family Life & Education Center is working to decrease unwed parenting and divorce rates in the US. Additionally we aim to increase the capacity of Faith-Based Organizations to counsel and promote healthy marriages and parenting.

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Life Skills

National Family Life and Education Center equips people, especially youth and young adults with the necessary tools to live self-determined and self-sufficient lives.

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National Family Life & Education Center encourages strong educational performance that leads to career readiness. By assisting participants in the development of their non-cognitive soft skills we prepare students for the 21st Century marketplace.

Our Services: TSROP

All of the services provided by NFLEC are based on the Ten Step Rites of Passage (TSROP) developed by Rev. Dr. Charles Lee-Johnson. The mission of NFLEC is to use the TSROP to Equip, Empower, Educate, and Encourage at-risk individuals, families, and communities through the provision of life enhancing skills and resources that lead to self-sufficiency and self-determination.

What Is TSROP?

The Ten Step Rites of Passage (TSROP) focuses on ten life areas (Rites) that are critical to the development of people in today’s society. The ten rites are Personal, Spiritual, Economic, Political, Social, Mental, Physical, Historical, Cultural, and Emotional. TRSOP seeks to develop the “whole person” to insure that participants receive the necessary skills and training to support a Positive and Productive life. NFLEC has designed a dynamic, interactive, evidence-based curriculum for at-risk youth, families, marriages, and special populations.


The Ten Step Rites of Passage (TSROP) works! TSROP has been implemented in a plethora of environments, including but not limited to: schools, churches, correctional institutions, community based organizations, and governmental agencies. A program evaluation conducted through Cal State Los Angeles, led by Edward Wilson reported the following on the effectiveness of the TSROP program with LA’s most severely at-risk population (Transitional Aged Youth in Foster Care): 1) 90% of TSROP participants reported that the program provided them important life and coping skills to succeed in life. 2) 91% reported an ability to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. 3) 100% of participants reported that the program helps them develop a positive sense of self-respect.

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TSROP Formats

The Ten Step Rites of Passage (TSROP) program is provided through after school programs, male / female academies, school assemblies, professional development training, weekend camping retreats, marriage enhancement workshops / retreats, summer camps, and keynote motivational presentations. National Family Life & Education Center has the capacity to customize our programs and services to address your unique organizational demands.

TSROP Presenters

NFLEC has more than 15 enthusiastic, trained and TSROP certified leaders that are available to speak, train, and/or serve as consultants for your organization. Led by our internationally recognized and requested CEO, Rev. Dr. Charles Lee-Johnson, our staff possesses a wealth of professional and personal experience in serving diverse populations. The NFLEC family is a loving, passionate, and hard-working group of world changers, with unique life experiences and career backgrounds, that make NFLEC one of America’s premier social service agencies.

NFLEC extends counseling services through Living Through Faith Counseling Center (LTFCC) LTFCC is a community organization dedicated to improving the lives of children, adults, couples, and families through faith based counseling, educational attainment, and human welfare within the Riverside County area.

LTFCC mission is to assist in eliminating the disparities of faith based services with clinical practice. Under the direction of Dr. Jasmine Reed, LTFCC seeks to provide spirit filled insight, and direction for individuals, marriages, and families through one-on one session, couples and family’s sessions, the use of support groups, and the application of other complementary materials and assignments in both preventive and crisis-intervention approaches.

In addition to providing a wide range of clinical services, LTFCC also serves as a training program to supervise trainee’s professional identity as a social worker, marriage and family therapist, and psychologist for the Riverside County area.

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TSROP Distinctions

NFLEC’s TSROP program’s distinctive features are:

  • Encourages Self-Determination and Self-Sufficiency enabling clients to take ownership over their own lives, following the credo “Give a man a fish he can eat for a day, but teach him how to fish and he can eat for a lifetime.”
  • Our approach is “Holistic” as our programs and services are not designed to simply address one problem area of a person’s life (gang-involvement, drug use, etc.), but rather the full development of the person(s). TSROP not only addresses the presenting issues in a person’s life, but also fosters growth and maturity in all areas of a client, to ensure life success.
  • TSROP is not simply and intervention program, but equally focuses Prevention as well.
  • TSROP is a “relationship based” model, following the understanding that “people do not change because of programs, people change because of other people”. TSROP facilitators are taught to form engaging and life changing relationships with clients, providing a family environment conducive to growth.
  • TSROP is “Cost Effective”, in its creative use of interns, volunteers, and community resources. TSROP focuses the largest percentage of funding into direct services for participants.
  • TSROP is an “Evidence-Based”, “Best Practice” model, recognized by the White House as “America’s Most Promising Program for At-Risk Families” with implementation in more than 20 states, 30 cities, and numerous organizations.
  • TSROP is adaptable to all ages, races, cultures, populations, and gender groups.